Here is the basic music vocabulary the students will be working with throughout the year as they learn to play the recorder. Additional rules for students to keep in mind as they learn how to play, as well as a review of musical genres, can be found on the Music-- General page of the wiki.

Notes about Pitch

Notes and activities relating to families of musical instruments:

Here are the lyrics to "Baa Baa Black Sheep", a classic English-language nursery rhyme. We will be working with this nursery rhyme,
set to music, to learn about rhythm.


Crossword puzzle to review what we've learned in the first term:

A word search to review what we've learned in the first term:

To work on the students´ listening skills and recognition of vocabulary, we will be working with The Beatles´s song, "Michelle".


Students will celebrate Halloween with this goofy song that reviews some basic Halloween vocabulary:

As part of our Thanksgiving celebrations, we will work with this song to learn some basic vocabulary associated with Thanksgiving.

Some famous American Christmas songs to celebrate the holiday:
Lyrics to "Let It Snow" and "Jingle Bell Rock:"

Audio files:
Let It Snow:
Jingle Bell Rock: